Focused on demi-fine jewelry we aim to bring you quality only in a contemporary environment. We are mainly online, but we pop up here and there.
About Juuls Juuls
The Founder

Originally from Antwerp, the diamond city, Julie's heart has always been in jewelry. After living and working in different parts of the world, she launched JUULS JUULS in 2015 with the idea of filling the gap between high end jewellers and highstreet retailers creating a digital concept store for quality jewelry only. 

In 2016, JUULS & KARATS was launched, created out of the need for a collection of demi-fine basics for everyday at a fair price.  

Today, Julie shares her knowledge and expertise by offering jewelry consulting services and aims to put the spotlight on quality jewelry with a contemporary approach.

'Following your passion is the real luxury'. 

Julie De Cuyper

A jewelry concept store

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