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Venus by Maria Tash

1.5 mm scalloped set diamond threaded Stud | 14K Yellow Gold | Single

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Diamond 1.5mm scalloped edge bezel set threaded stud earring by Maria Tash is a small, brilliant diamond with very fine scalloped bezel detailing. The diamond is a special hearts and arrow ideal cut, and this superior cut scintillates more than any other round diamond cut. The scalloped bezel has a Victorian/antique feel, is a durable setting for the diamond, and differentiates it from a plain bezel without adding any width to the diamond. The brilliance of the diamond provides a large color flash in a low profile setting. 

The threaded post is 7mm long and is the post length most commonly used. 

The threaded system is made to especially for piercing earrings. Thanks to this system this earring can be pierced* directly (but also worn as a regular earring. The flat back adds extra comfort and clean style in the back of the ear. To insert, first push in the threaded stud from the back and then screw in the top part till securely closed. To remove, hold the back part and turn the top counter clock-wise.

*please note : for direct piercing, this earring needs to be sterilized and pierced by a professional piercer who is experienced with the external threading system)


14kt yellow gold                                                                                                    Threaded post length : 6.5 mm  
Diamond size: 1.5 mm