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Magic Pouch dark saddle | deerskin leather and quartz crystal

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the magic pouch is part of our juuls&friends 002 capsule, an exclusive fashion collab with wecandance electronic music festival (Belgium). used by many native people in North America and across the world, medicine bags are made to store sacred items to bring healing energy and personal empowerment. 

handmade in arizona, the pouch is made out of 100% deerskin leather and contains a quartz crystal. 

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how to use

to empower your magic pouch, you should place your bag and crystal in front of you preferably in a sacred place. pick up your crystal, and/or any other stone(s) or object that has a meaning to you and think about why you want to wear the pouch. while placing the stone(s) inside your pouch focus on your thoughts and visualise healing energy. thank your bag and its content for playing a role in your personal healing. wear as a necklace or store in your pocket. 


quartz crystal, size varies (between 1 - 3 cm)
strap length: 45 cm